Car Scratch Repair Pen


Car Scratch Pen

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*1. Shake the product thoroughly to make the paint fully mixed.

*2. Rotate the tip counterclockwise and apply it evenly to the scratches with the built-in brush.

*3. Tighten the pen tip after use to prevent drying and evaporation.

*4. Apply this product to the damaged part of the body paint to cover up and repair the tiny scratches, so that the paint surface can be restored and rust-proofed to achieve a glazed finish.

*5. This product is easy to use, compare models and color cards, choose the correct scratch repair pen.



Scratch repairs about 90% of the effect, please follow the steps to operate correctly.

*1. Shake the product fully for 10 seconds before use. When the screw is turned on, face the nib up, otherwise it may overflow.

*2. Choose the correct color according to models and color cards.

*3. Wipe the scratches cleanly, and rust and unevenness should be smoothed.

*4. Cover the non-scratched parts with tape to avoid sanding. The sandpaper is soaked in water and softened, then smoothed with a small amount of force. (If there is no unevenness and rust, this step can be ignored)

*5. Do not apply back and forth when applying. The order can be from left to right, or from top to bottom. It can only be applied once. It can not be covered. It can be applied again after half an hour. Generally, 3~5 layers of coating are enough for deep scratches.


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1 x Scratch Repair Pen

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