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It’s Getting Better All The Time! Mental Health Outreach Inc. through our outreach and I Can Move Forward program provides resources and support to those in need. From support to people that just need some one to talk to or to those that need information concerning local resources we can help. Our team members work from anywhere via phones, text or website.

It’s Getting Better All the Time! Mental Health Outreach Inc. consists of a team of mental health advocates, licensed mental health professionals, family members, consumers, managers, nurses, Psychiatrist, peers, and members with lived mental health experiences. We know what it is like to live with symptoms that you can’t get rid of, to stand by a loved one who has just been admitted into the hospital, and to advocate or have to find needed services.

Our experienced staff understands how to develop behavioral health programs and provide mental health services to individuals, families, and communities impacted by a persistent mental illness.

Cost- Many of the services are provided free of charge. Other services are paid for by Medicaid/Medicare, Private Pay, and Contributions.

Contributions -If you are interested in contributing, please donate by:

  1. Direct contribution: PO Box 7432 Silver Spring MD, 20910 or
  2. Purchasing items from our website:

Services (English and Spanish)

Family consultation*Service management*Counseling*Referrals*Psychoeducational Groups*Seminars*Resource Location*Community Events*Appointment Reminders* Non-Crisis Support Line*Mental Health First Aid*Outreach/Social Services*Prayer*Faith-Based Mental Health Classes*Organizational Consultations*Client Outreach*Policy/Program Development*QI/Compliance Reviews

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If you need help now please call 911 or

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.  800-273-8255