Make Hope An Option - Mental Health and Faith


Course is offered monthly on line (Zoom).  Participants will receive handouts, a manual and free admission to our next Mental Health First Aid Training (200.00 value).

Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in learning more about mental health. Note: Course is offered through a Biblical frame work.

All classes are taught by experienced Licensed Mental Health Clinicians, Family Members and Individuals With Lived Experiences

Individuals will receive link and more information once payment is received. Note: Individuals may have the option to attend in person.




  • Learners will understand the role of prayer and faith in living with a mental illness
  • Learners will explain what behavioral health is, the prevalence of mental illness, and how it impacts daily life.
  • Learners will dispel some common myths about mental illness
  • Learners will learn commonly used and misused mental health terminology
  • Learn practical strategies
  • Learners will explore facts and data of some common mental health illnesses
  • Learners will understand what psychotropic medications are.
  • Describe what a mental health crisis is
  • Recognize the signs that a person is experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Understand when to seek professional help
  • Understand the Bible and Mental Health

Date: May 20, 2023 Start at 09:00 AM

Location: Zoom and On Site