The Case For Hope

Hope is always an option! Never Give Up Because Your Life Can Change


1. There is a plan, person, strategy or resource that you have not discovered yet. You can’t give up now.
2. You have something to add to the world in which we live, we need you.
3. Feelings of self-pity, apathy, rage and false beliefs concerning our self-worth and abilities can latch on to feelings of hopelessness and weaken us both mentally and spiritually. Feelings of hopelessness can lead to feelings of worthlessness, and feelings of worthlessness can ultimately lead to other self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, maybe even suicide.
4. If thoughts and feelings of hopelessness are allowed to control our lives it can prevent us from living the kind of life God intended. Uncontrolled feelings of hopelessness can cause us to act as if things in our lives will never change and to give up on our dreams and desires. Feelings of hopelessness can cause us to feel as if our lives are worthless and useless.
5. No matter how you may feel at this moment, never give up. Your feelings while they are your feelings are not always true. When we are feeling depressed or sad we tend to see our lives as hopeless. Challenge negative thoughts with the truth. What is the truth? That tomorrow is a new day and things can change for the better.
6. Always remember that though life might seem hopeless right now, your situation does not have to stay that way. You do have something to add to the world in which you live.
7. The feelings of hopelessness that you are feeling now are a reflection of how you are feeling. Present feelings of depression, sadness and worry can blur your vision concerning your future.
8. Our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are interconnected. What we think determines how we will behave and respond to events in our lives. For example, if you think that things are hopeless you will and act as if things are hopeless.
9. Keep hope alive. One second, one moment, one day or week at a time keep moving forward.
10. Talk to someone. Call 999 now.